Carmen Lazaro

I am film and TV director, as well as a composer, born in Spain, living in Los Angeles.

My interest in the progress of stem cells began in the wake of my father's death from pleura cancer.
Since then my curiosity and interest in this field has grown to the point of starting this documentary project, based on new developments in this field.

The focus is not only scientific dissemination, but also praXis and positive results through patients who today, thanks to these treatments, enjoy a second chance at life.

I am convinced that stem cells are the cure of the future for many diseases, as well as the most powerful preventive medicine to alleviate diseases and the deterioration caused by old age.

I believe that all scientists and doctors who work passionately in this field deserve mention in the world of medicine, as well as recognition for their commendable work, in the World Health Forums.

This documentary will have maximum impact on media, digital TV channels and social networks, given that although it is a scientifically evolved subject, it is unknown to a vast majority of the world's population.
Likewise, celebrities from the political sphere and entertainement have been invited to tell their experience in stem cell treatments.

The goal of this documentary is to  make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

We want to show the world life sciences research, solve challenges, improve patient diagnostics, and a window to laboratory productivity and the most innovative technologies.

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